Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier Review

The Air Supply Mini-Mate Air Purifier is an all-around modern invention that solves a very large problem with a tiny solution. People around coworkers, friends, family, strangers, and us are constantly recycling the air around us. Rather than breathe in all of the germs and smog of the gases around us, a new company called Wein Products thought of a strange, but surprisingly convenient solution.

The Mini-Mate Specs

  •           Weight: 1.5 ounces
  •           Size of 2.5” x 1.5”
  •           Supplied user safety strap
  •          Conveniently worn around the neck
  •           Solid Platinum Emitter Electroplated Gold Grid
  •           No adapters allowing for easy travel

The Mini Mate is said by the manufacturer to “get rid of airborne allergens and pollutants, as well as viruses from your breathing space.” So all in all, this little device is meant to make the air healthier, fresher, and better smelling. When advertised on Dateline, Good housekeeping ran it through several tests.

air purifier

  1. Allergens

–          A lady name Carol suffered from horrible seasonal allergies that stuffed up her nose and made her eyes water. She also lost the majority of her ability to smell. After putting on the mask, Carol entered the environment of a cat shelter. Normally this would have made her downright “miserable.” While wearing the mask and being in the adoption center for a total of twenty-five minutes, Carol still had no normal symptoms. She didn’t sneeze, sniffle, or swell up once. Instead she remarked, “I feel incredible. I now smell the cat litter however.” What a joy it must have been to be relieved of her nasty side effects, only to be replaced with the clear smell of the cat litter. The Mini-Mate passed the first test.

  1. Pollutants

–          The test to look into this theory was a bit more extreme, but also a perfect demonstration. The average person usually encounters at least a small amount of smoke inhalation via secondhand smoke on a daily basis. This can cause harm to the lungs, even if you are not the person lighting up. The testers put a lit cigarette into a closed container letting the smoke float through the entire container. Once doused, they slipped the Mini-Mate into the box and waited only a few minutes before notice the results. There was “no smoke anywhere” according to one of the testers. It had cleared out the entire tank and left only fresh air to breathe in.

Value for the Price

–          After passing all the tests of the critics and receiving three out of five gold stars from the testers, it could be considered that this product has a lot to offer in a small package. The only question was the price as the item does cost in the hundred dollar range. However, tester Carol Wapner is living proof that for some, the worth is there. While the company makes no claim to have done medical testing, it does call this product a “revolutionary technology”. If the item is accomplishing all it claims to, it is worth its weight in gold to those who suffer from allergies or chronic sickness. Another factor to consider is the lack of facial covering. A person does not have to wear an unsightly mask, which is the design of other products like this. Instead, the Mini-Mate can easily be worn with any type of outfit and taken off when not needed.  By not having to wear a mask it will make it easier when the user is on a plane. Not only they be receiving healthier air but also they won’t have this unsightly mask covering their face. You will also not have to worry about bothering other passengers with your air purifier. This is silent and fan less so there won’t be any type of noise.

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–          Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier follows through on its manufacturers claims. An expert from Frommers Travel commented “the Air Supply works. I travel everywhere with it.” Which is actually a bright idea, considering a plane is a sort of air recycling machine in and of itself. There are many people that purchase the Mini-Mate Air Purifier for the sole reason of utilizing it on a plane. This little item is doing the job in a much cheaper rate.

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