Will I ever get rid of that smoke smell in my car?

Nobody likes bad odors. This is especially true when you are in a small enclosed environment not a car from which you cannot always escape right away. It does not matter whether it’s the lingering smell of stale cigarette smoke, the smell of your dog who insists on riding with you, or some other unpleasant odor, it is intolerable. Sometimes all the scrubbing and vacuuming are ineffective. Air fresheners can help but only to a point. When things get this bad and you aren’t ready to bicycle or walk everywhere you go it might be time to consider getting an Ionic air purifier to remove the smoke or other offensive smell from your car.

What is an ionic air purifier? How does it remove the smell of smoke from my car?

The molecules in the air around us will, for various reasons attract or lose electrons. If the number of electrons in a molecule changes the charge changes, either positive or negative; a car smoke ionic air purifier works (as do all ionic air purifiers by changing the charge from negative to positive or vice versa thus bringing the air back into balance.  If you are interested in the science and technology behind this you can read about it at for those just interested in what works read the overviews below of the top three ionic air purifiers for cars based on information from

car air purifier

  • The Wagan El2022 lists for 8.01. The main component of its grey frame is egg shaped but with a flat top and a bit flattened on the sides and end. The opposite end tapers into the built in adapter, which is plugged into the vehicles cigarette lighter port. The claims for the device include statements that: it will eliminate unpleasant odors and fumes, is chemical free and requires no filters, supplies immediate relief and fresh air, eliminates bacteria pollen and dust thus reducing allergies, asthma and hay fever. The item received a 3.7 star rating on Amazon. This was based on 214 reviews, 93 of which were 5 star reviews while 30 people gave it just one star. One positive reviewer was impressed with good results gained from use overnight. The same reviewer was encouraged that it was continuing to prove effective four days later. Another reviewer liked it but claimed it caused a sore throat.
  • Solair Room Car and Desktop Portable 5 Stage Air Purifier with Home and Car Adapters. This unit, which sells for 59.99, is a rectangular shaped device, but with rounded edges. It received a 4 star rating from Amazon, but that was based on just six reviews. Three of those six did give it a 5 star rating. A reviewer who had positive things to say was pleased that it helped relieve headaches and allergies. A less favorable review said that the car charger had not been sent with the unit. Some of the stated positive features of this product included its compact design and quiet motor, which allow for use in numerous environments and situations. There is also a fragrance compartment, which permits the user to add his, or her favorite scented oil.
  • Goodees Car Purifier and Air Ionizer: The cost of this item is 17.99. Some benefits attributed to this product are the ability to clean and purify the surrounding area, remove smoke and pet odors and reduce the risk of bird flu. The tubular shaped unit comes with a money back guarantee. It is available in three colors, blue, black and red.  Amazon reviewers gave it a rating of 4.1 stars.  This was from twenty-five reviews; including seventeen 5star reviews and two 1star reviews. One person found it to have an annoying buzzing sound, notwithstanding its being advertised as silent. Another customer, however, reported it worked so good that family members thought the car had been professionally shampooed.

Air quality is important to good health.

You don’t need to understand how something works in order to gain its benefits and appreciate them.  Car smoke ionic air purifiers are a good example of this fact. A good air purifier can help alleviate that offensive stale odor left by cigarette smoke. Smoke isn’t the only odor that can linger either. An air purifier has the potential ability to reduce the odor of pets, trash, and evidence of people who were ill. If the only benefit of an Ionic air purifier were the removal of offensive odors it would still be a reasonable expense to many. The improved quality of air and the potential benefits to health make it a purchase to seriously consider.

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