GT50 Professional-Grade Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Air Purifier Review

If you planned on spending money and buying the GT50 Professional-Grade Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Air Purifier, you NEED to have a look at this. Ozone is what is produced by this machine, and although most people don’t realize it, ozone is also emitted by printers and copiers, but in most cases, the amount of ozone that is produced is not enough to harm you.

It’s true that the EPA warns of high ozone levels, which can be harmful. However, I’m positive that this will never be a problem with this ionizer.

Why People Buy IonizersGT50 Professional-Grade Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Air Purifier

People seem to be purchasing air purifiers and ionizers in droves. An ionizer can improve your child’s health and reduce allergies, or it could be used to cleanse a disgusting, moldy basement.

Some people purchase ionizers to improve air quality and fight pet dander. A lot of people have had success using ionizers to eliminate sore throat and sinus problems.


Overall, this ionizer does what it’s supposed to do. By looking at the size, it’s obvious that it was created to be used in small spaces. The manufacturer says ‘a space of 50 SQ Ft’, but I think this single unit can really do more like 150 SQ FT.

The construction of this ionizer is nearly flawless, and although it’s small, you can tell it was designed efficiently and is well-built. Something notable about this ionizer is the fact that it’s MUCH more powerful than it looks.

At a glance, you almost wouldn’t want to bother spending money on this unit thinking there is simply no way it could do what is claimed. However, almost everyone who has purchased this unit agrees that it’s VERY powerful. For a device this small, it has an INCREDIBLE output.

Also, when plugged in, it doesn’t cover unused electrical outlets. I also like that this ionizer allows me to adjust the ozone production because I don’t want my home filled with a harmful amount of ozone.


This product doesn’t have too many issues. Although this won’t matter for most people, this product effectively eliminates your ‘personal’ smells. For example, incense and other ‘desirable’ odors simply won’t work around this product.

This could be a problem if you’re REALLY into incense and similar scents. This product also produces a ‘hissing’ noise, but it’ barely noticeable. One last issue is that this ionizer doesn’t work very well for ‘real-time’ odors.

It cannot remove cooking or similar odors in ‘real-time’ like a larger air purifier can, but since this ionizer is so small, you can’t really expect for it to remove odors in ‘real-time’.

However, it’s excellent for removing ‘long-term’ odors, like what you might find in a moldy basement or linens closet. For the price, this is truly an unbeatable ionizer. If you have multiple rooms to cleanse, you might want to grab a few of these ionizers.