Ionic Pro CA200 ionic Air Purifier Review

Maybe you were thinking about purchasing the Ionic Pro CA200 ionic Air Purifier. If you were, then you really need to read this first. It will help you to understand the pros and cons of this product, which will help you to find out if this product is right for YOU.

An ionizer can improve air quality and reduce allergies. For those of you who have serious allergies, an ionizer will quickly become your best friend. People also buy ionizers to combat sore throat and sinus issues. I want to discuss the Ionic Pro CA200 and whether or not it’s worth buying.

ProsIonic Pro CA200 ionic Air Purifier

After using this product, you should notice that it’s REALLY able to freshen up your place. It’s an ionizer and doesn’t require filters, so you won’t yourself constantly purchasing and replacing filters.

However, the catch is that you WILL find yourself cleaning this unit regularly – in fact, you’ll probably want to clean it at least once per week. When used in your home, this machine really does make you feel like you’re outside breathing fresh air.

I’ve also noticed that this ionizer is VERY quiet. It’s so quiet that you will have trouble believing it’s doing anything, even when it’s set on the highest setting. Although not nearly as important as functionality, this ionizer looks great. It’s VERY modern looking, and plain and simple, it does what it’s advertised to do.


What I’ve noticed about this machine is that it really needs to be cleaned often. If you don’t clean it at least once a week, it WILL begin to make buzzing and popping sounds, which can be very annoying. I don’t think this product is designed to remove dust, but it does.

Although its size might have you fooled, this ionizer is designed for a small room. I would use it in a smaller bedroom or office. One other issue is that if you don’t clean the unit regularly it can accumulate dust inside of the internals, and it’s VERY hard to remove dust from this unit’s internals.

The price for this product isn’t terrible, and it certainly does what is advertised to do. It also comes with a miniature ionizer for your car, which I think is GREAT.

Personally, I would just go with a full-blown air purifier because I think it will accomplish what an ionizer will plus more, but if you’re specifically in search for an ionizer, I think this product is worth the money.